An Apple A Day Won’t Keep You Off Web MD

Therupdkak6f8a-holly-mindrup.jpge are 3 obvious signs of a high functioning, successful adult who has a confident grip on their own life. It is like a triangle of impressiveness, and if you have managed it, or even scraped by with 2 of them then you don’t need this blog and should  probably just get out my face.

Most people talk about the big 3 of adulthood being marriage, kids and a mortgage, but I know plenty of people with these things that are 1. Not actually ready for those things and 2. Still very passably adult. The 3 signs are actually seemingly a lot more achievable, but also at the same time a far distant hope that some of us may never master. This blog shows you how to do the bare minimum and stay alive.

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How to be Passably Cool

The idea of  The Cool Girl is not new. You have probably seen 3 different posts today on her non-existence, or that she is an idea that we create to just knock  women straight back down later on. We even have an entire film dedicated to the concept ooriginal-7595f her in the shape of Gone Girl. I’m not going to write about The Cool Girl today, partly because I don’t think that struggling with being cool is gender specific, but mostly because The Cool Girl is no longer cool.

What I am going to teach you is how to be passably cool, which is a concept based
around The Cool Girl, sort of…well only to the extent that being cool is a myth and is just basically faking it for a little bit and then hiding your really uncool parts from the prying eyes of others.

And what qualifies me for this? Am I cool? No. I’m absolutely the opposite of cool, but I do have a really uncool habit of staring at other people in the streets and I’ve witnessed what I believe to be cool behaviour. Either that or they are aliens or perhaps walking perfume adverts; which brings me on to our first step.

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Have a Passable New Year!

2016 hasn’t been all that great, I’ve not achieved any of my many goals, like world domination and eating less lasagne. Brexit didn’t go my way and beinsd2fxgkdagk-brigitte-tohm.jpgg a woman and having a brain, I wasn’t all that fond of Trump.

Luckily I have big plans for 2017, so I am really looking forward to destroying the entire galaxy in a violent Brexit fuelled rage and perhaps eating an apple every now and then.

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10 Steps to Launching a New Blog

fgvxxvxmti8-andrew-neelI’ve been blogging for nearly four years now, in that time it has done a great job of launching my career as a failed, struggling, penniless journalist. It also helped me forge a beautifully short lived stint as a crap copywriter and I am hoping that this new blog it might assist in me becoming a mediocre, lampooned and much criticised book writerer.

This blog will be all about how to stumble through adult life, falling at every hurdle, but eventually face-planting the finish line mostly not dead. What better way to kick off than a 10 step guide to launching a really shitty blog?

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