I Can’t Help Falling Out of Love With You

Recently I was sat in a tattoo studio holding someone’s hand and gazing around the room at all the designs, when I remembered when I had first wanted a tattoo. I was obsessed with Busted and Matt Willis had the outline of a star tattooed on his hand. I was convinced that if I had the same tattoo, we would one day meet and fate would take it’s course. Obviously there is nothing sexier to a person than somebody else with the exact same tattoo!

I sat there embarrassed at my own former self and watched as 4  people in the room added permanent artwork to their body that in several years time they might also look at thinking “I’m not that person anymore”.

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I came up with this blog whilst sitting around in my pants playing candy crush instead of writing or doing anything productive. It felt great, and the nap I took after felt even better, but there was a degree of guilt that came with not keeping to my strict ‘maybe post on Tuesday or Wednesday or perhaps Thursday’ schedule.

That’s not the guilt we will talk about today though. Mainly cos that story is as boring as hell, but also because there are much bigger things that I feel guilty about.

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